How often should

my vehicle be inspected?

Everything you should know about

the Pennsylvania State Vehicle Inspection

Every vehicle…except a motorcycle, operated on a highway shall be equipped with a parking brake system adequate to hold the vehicle…on any grade on which it is operated, under all conditions of loading, on a surface free of ice or snow. The system shall not be designed to require a continuous or intermittent source of energy for full effectiveness after initial application. (Title 75 Pa C.S. § 4502)

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicle website (, Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for their safe operation. The reasoning behind this state mandated vehicle inspection is that it can prevent highway vehicle failure and crashes that may result in injuries or death. Let’s discover the most important aspects of the requirements to make sure your car passes the inspection!

What exactly should be inspected?


The Pennsylvania state mandated inspection standards outline the minimum requirements for a long list of essential parts to your beloved set of wheels. Experts will inspect the following and a whole host of other equipment that must be maintained and in good working condition to pass inspection.

  • Exhaust systems 

  • Mufflers, and noise control 

  • Emissions 

  • Tire equipment 

  • Windshields and wipers 

  • Rearview mirrors 

  • Brakes 

  • Bumpers 

  • Hazards 

  • Horns 

  • Child safety seats


In an attempt to cut down on vehicle-related accidents, Pennsylvania has established minimum standards for vehicle equipment. These requirements apply to things such as vehicle safety, noise control, and air quality. The Pennsylvania inspections also serve to enforce the illegality of the sale and use of items which do not comply with state standards. This way your auto repair guy can tell you before the Pennsylvania PD!

How often should I get an inspection?

Annually! A safety inspection and an emissions inspection must be performed every year. Make it a routine to renew your car’s license plates and registration along with these inspections. And remember: vehicles must get an emissions inspection before a safety inspection. After all is said and done, you’ll get a fancy certification sticker which is a clear indication your car has passed the state mandated vehicle inspection. Congratulations! Until next year…


Where can I get an inspection?


Pennsylvania state mandated vehicle inspections are performed at official Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Inspection Stations. These stations are typically privately-owned repair garages or repair shops within a service station that have been approved and certified by the Department of Transportation. 

Are you sure my car needs an annual inspection?


Most vehicles—defined as gasoline or diesel-powered with a gross weight rating of 9,000 pounds or less—require an inspection. However, there are some exceptions. Vehicles that do NOT require an inspection include:


  • Special mobile equipment

  • Implements of husbandry (farm vehicles like tractors)

  • Motor vehicles being towed

  • Trailers with a gross weight of 3,000 pounds or less

  • Motorized pedal cycles

  • A vehicle being repossessed

  • Vehicles being tested by a manufacturer

  • Antique vehicles (more than 25 years old)

How much will an annual inspection set me back?


The cost to have a car inspection can range from $25 and up. Trucks and other, larger vehicles will cost more. Emissions tests vary as well but can be as much as $50 or more. Some shops offer a combination price for both services.


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Many Pennsylvania residents end up paying too much for the emission and inspection tests. The primary reason is inadequate comparison shopping—let us help you!


While the process for an inspection of a vehicle has been standardized across all automotive shops, the price can vary greatly based on the company you go with. It’s critical to shop around and compare quotes, and this can take hours as you call around to several shops in your area.

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Consider these other factors which can affect inspection costs…


Labor costs vary from shop to shop so this will invariably affect the end price for your inspection.


Type of inspections will range in price. Be clear with the inspection expert about what kind of inspection you want!


How do you know you’re choosing the right service shop?


When you pay someone to work on your vehicle, it’s important to know that the shop you choose is fully qualified and will perform the work to the highest level of excellence. When choosing a service shop, keep these factors in mind:

Certification: Automative Service Excellence (ASE) is the universal certification system used in the United States. Auto shops that earn this designation are carefully tested to ensure they have the knowledge and experience to do the job right.


Vehicle make: Depending on the make of your car, you may have to find a repair shop that specializes in inspection and repair of a particular type of vehicle.


Location: Is the shop close to your home or work? Picking a convenient location will make things a lot easier, especially if you need to leave your car overnight.


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